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design and realisation
let us make your
house a home...
Choc Studio was founded in 2007 by Robbert Maarsen and Julia de Jong. Modern chic and distinctive is what the Haarlem-based interior designers call their style. Clients who need professional help with the decoration of their home or business space can rely on Choc's design studio.
Whether it's one floor or a complete house, Choc Studio provides the most optimal interior advice and takes care of the realization; with love for design and livable luxury as a starting point. Let our _projects_ convince you or read more about how we work.

Trained in communications with a colorful career path. Now owner of and interior designer at Choc Studio. Does not like things being half done, because a good interior requires attention, creativity and a generous dose of love.

Julia de Jong
owner & interior designer

Over 30 years in the business with a career from Ikea to Eric Kuster. Now owner of and interior designer at Choc Studio. Interior addict, averse to inferior products. And if there is a problem? Robbert knows how to solve it!

Robbert Maarsen
owner & interior designer

Our team of interior design specialists:
Jeroen (upholstery), Dennis (kitchens), Harold's team (interior construction), Feki's team (painting and wallpapering), Dennis (stucco), BLM (electra) and Ecologistiek's people (transport and assembly).

And our team...
of all trades

let's meet

Interested in what we can do for you? Contact us for an informative meeting:
call +31 (0)23 5328487 or email info@chocstudio.nl

choc's services

from design to realisation

- the design of the interior -
Choc Studio always creates and visualises several 3d designs, including a lighting plan and a product, material and color proposal. We translate the final design into a concrete and executable interior, by means of an overview of the necessary work and a proposal for the interior products with corresponding costs.
- the (technical) preparation -
Depending on the final design, it will be determined which specialists are needed for which work. In the case of structural alterations (rebuilding/renovation) a contractor will have to be engaged. But also for less complex work such as painting and repair work, the right parties need to be selected and managed. Choc Studio can, if necessary and desired, take on a directing role in this.
- the placement of the interior -
Choc Studio ultimately takes care of the selection, production, delivery and installation of the various necessary (custom-made) interior products, including upholstery, floor, wall and window coverings, furniture, lighting and home accessories. Besides realising the most optimal interior, our aim is to relieve the client as much as possible in this process.

choc's way of working

the first meeting

Are you interested in having your home or business space designed and furnished by Choc Studio? Then we would like to get to know you better: what kind of space is it? What are your wishes and expectations? And what can Choc Studio do for you? By getting all starting points clear, we can determine together whether we are the right party for you. Would you like to make an introductory appointment? Call +31 (0)23 5328487 or send us an email.

the process

As soon as we have received the assignment from you, we will start the process. If possible, we first visit the location. In consultation with you, we then create the interior design. When the design enters the implementation phase, we will of course take care of the production, planning and installation of the necessary (custom-made) furniture, lighting, window coverings, wall coverings, etc. Choc Studio also works with a professional network of specialists in, among other things, kitchens, bathrooms, floor and wall finishes.

the costs

In an introductory meeting, free of obligation, you can make your wishes and requirements known. Is it a business or a private space? What is the function of the space? How many rooms are involved? What expectations do you have of the design? And of the final result? Based on this conversation, we can make an estimate of the work needed and an estimate of the costs. For more information or an appointment call +31 (0)23 5328487 or mail to info@chocstudio.nl.