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object: mansion

situation: newly build

services: interior design & furnishing

completion: 2019

Through a publication in Stijlvol Wonen Magazine, this client stumbled upon Choc Studio. Choc's modern chic style appealed so much that Choc was commissioned to realize the entire interior of this newly built house. By working out the five floors (basement, living kitchen, living floor, bedrooms, attic with children's rooms) in 3D, the different possibilities were made clear, after which the final design with the various necessary home products and custom-made furniture was completed.
And the end result? That was also published in Stijlvol Wonen Magazine!
Furniture by Meridiani, Marac and Pure Choc. Rugs by Carpetlinq and Van Besouw. Wallpaper by Arte, Anthology and Elitis. Furniture and curtain fabrics by Villa Nova, Equipo DRT, Zinc Textile and Marc Alexander. Lighting by Nemo, Moooi, Contardi, Fambuena and Layer by Adje.
December 2019 published in Stijlvol Wonen Magazine (photography: Denise Zwijnen - © Sanoma Regional Belgium N.V.)