3d visualization

work in progress

Object: various

Date: 2019

Assignment: various

Services: design phase
(interior design - 3d visualization - lighting plan - colour plan - material plan - product proposal)

Translating creative concepts into realistic images is an important part of the interior design process that Choc Studio offers. With the help of 3d visualizations we know how to turn our interior designs into a lively representation. This to the satisfaction of our clients, who, partly because of this 3d skills, know how to find Choc's design studio increasingly better.
Choc Studio always creates and visualises multiple designs, including a lighting, colour, material and furniture plan. The starting point is to achieve a realistic and therefore implementable design. The advantage of this method is that the final design can be translated one-on-one into the final interior.
interieurontwerp luxe woning Amsterdam
interieurontwerp woning nabij Vondelpark Amsterdam
eetkamerontwerp nieuwbouwwoning Maarssen
woonkamerontwerp nieuwbouwwoning Maarssen
interieur appartement Pontsteiger Amsterdam
interieur design loft Amsterdam
interieurontwerp keuken loft Amsterdam
plattegrond interieur design
lounge interieur design
interieur ontwerp inloopkast
luxe badkamer ontwerp

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